About Me

milk run

It goes without say that I'm passionate about coffee, but most locals know me as the guy whose sidecar is loaded down with coffee. Usually I'm zipping around my delivery route, but in this instance my "corporate car" broke down and is now the object of interest for the herd across the road.   For those that have asked here's my CV - early years: airplane pilot; middle years: software developer; golden years: coffee roaster.


Our Town

downtown eureka springs

Our roastery is located on a peaceful, winding mountainside street of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This is a town of art galleries, boutiques, spas, historic hotels, and restaurants. I like to think we fit right in. We've had a long relationship with many of the award-winning restaurants in town and strive to continue doing our part to make dining in Eureka a memorable experience. Many of you visiting this site discovered us after tasting our coffee at one of the town's great restaurants.   However you got here, I want to welcome you and hope you find something you like.


The Process


shade grown coffee


Ethical Trading Standards

It all starts with finding truly great specialty coffees and doing so in a manner that does not harm the environment or mistreat the small landholders. Ethically sourcing our coffee is a collaboration with farmers and processors that invest an incredible amount of time and energy to produce something we will all be proud to offer.

It is my commitment that the growers who do the best work adhering to environmental standards and equitable pay for labor will receive the best price I can offer.

5 Facts About Coffee Beans


diedrich coffee roaster


Hand crafted by roasting small batches

The goal of each roast is to bring out the best of what’s inherent in each particular coffee. Small batch roasting allows me to draw out things like acidity, floral notes, chocolate, molasses, and earth.

Continuing to roast past a certain point, you begin to taste flavors added by the roast process. Now many people love that roasty flavor, and for those fine people, I do offer our dark roasts. You can still taste the lovely inherent qualities of the coffee but you also are tasting more caramelization of the sugars. The key here is balance.


brewing methods


Now comes your part . . .

Manual coffee-making methods are gaining popularity because they allow you to control every variable in the brewing process; create a cup that's exactly suited to your preferences; and highlight the unique character of the coffee.

Follow the link to see what tools and brew methods we suggest to create not only a delicious cup but a consistent cup as well.

View the Brewing Guide with selected videos.

To ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible, we roast your coffee after the order is placed.